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Total Cleaning Services for Cleaner Carpets

Nothing compares to the feeling of clean, plush carpeting under your toes. Carpet provides a room with instant warmth and comfort – a luxury everyone can appreciate. At total cleaning, we understand that carpet is a major home purchase that you want to protect. Our carpet cleaning services will keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come!

Our fully trained technicians follow all major carpet manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements, including those for stain-resistant carpeting.

You can trust that we will pay special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas pet stains and odour – all while using the treatment options that are best suited for your carpet.

Total Cleaning uses the industry’s most advanced carpet cleaning system, which will remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet’s appearance.

Additional services such as deodorizer and our StainGard stain-resistant protective coating are also available.

  1. First we pre-inspect your carpets. We will inspect your areas of concern while noting your carpet’s construction and general soil condition. We will notify you if we find any evidence of permanent staining.
  2. We pre-vacuum to remove all of the dry soil (yes, we vacumn!). This is one of the most important steps in cleaning because dry soil can be abrasive to the carpet fibres.
  3. We pre-spray and pre-spot any problem areas to loosen up the soil. This makes rinsing even more effective. We use cleaning compounds specially designed for your particular carpet whether your carpet is wool, olefin Berber, nylon Berber, or cut pile nylon.
  4. We rinse and extract the dirt. Once the soil has been loosened, hot water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet which helps to sanitize and deodorize. Water pressure is highly regulated depending upon the thickness and depth of the carpet, so that the carpet does not become overly wet.
  5. We neutralize for pH balance so that there is never any sticky residue left behind. This treatment is applied through the steam extraction machinery or after rinsing depending upon the level of carpet soiling.
  6. We post-treat the spots and apply stain guard protector, if you request it. We are not high pressure sales people.
  7. We post-groom your carpet to enhance its visual appeal. We use a professional brush, comb or rake to restore the fluff and set of the carpet pile. This assures faster drying and gives the carpet a finished, detailed look.
  8. The final step is to walk through your home with the technician. We want to make sure you are satisfied with the job we have done, so we want you to inspect our work. Once you have completed the inspection, we will ask you to indicate your satisfaction by signing the service receipt.